Biodiversity Advice and Support

Biodiversity is becoming an increasingly important consideration in the planning process for development projects. This is evidenced by the 2018 update to the National Planning Policy Framework, which replaces the previous requirement for developments to achieve ‘no net loss’ of biodiversity with the more ambitious aim of providing ‘biodiversity net gain’.

The concept of ‘net gain’ was subsequently given a formal mandate in the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s 2019 Spring Statement, meaning that developers will now be required to enhance the biodiversity value of a site as part of their development. This builds upon a Code of Practice established by British Standard 42020:2013 (Biodiversity) which provides a framework used by local planning authorities to make ecological decisions as part of the planning process.

The WTC provides UK-wide advice to developers, architects and planners covering all aspects of biodiversity in the planning process, ranging from site selection to baseline survey work and input to design. Our unique geographical spread provides unrivalled coverage and expertise, including links with a variety of ecological stakeholders including local planning authority ecologists and statutory bodies such as Natural England and the Environment Agency.

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