WTC Membership

The Wildlife Trust Consultancies are a trusted network of local experts in ecology, land management and landscape design. We provide advice and support, specialising in pragmatic and responsive solutions to risk management and planning obligations tailored to local conditions.

Together we deliver national projects across the UK and Ireland through a network of 23 local consultancy business. All our consultancies are affiliated to their Wildlife Trusts which means we support valuable work saving wildlife and wild places.

Membership Benefits

WTC supports members by providing opportunities to collaborate on large tenders and national contracts and helps build capacity through sharing knowledge, skills, expertise and support.

Meetings and Networking

We arrange a regular programme of webinars with external speakers which focus on relevant topics. This provides our members with opportunities to share experience, gain specialist advice and develop new ideas.

Annual Conference

Our annual conference provides a good balance of key speakers and discussion which enables members to make connections, share knowledge and best practice.

Business Opportunities

Members regularly share new business opportunities and collaborate on large tenders and national contracts. Together we have a wide range of resources and skills and extensive local knowledge that support client needs.

Peer Support and Connections

Members can draw on a broad range of experience and knowledge across our membership base from ecological services to business support.

What our members say

"We have more resources together which means we can tender for larger projects”

Devon Wildlife Consultants

"We’ve had opportunities for partnership working and growing our consultancy”

Cheshire Ecological Services  

“We have access to a network of skills and opportunities in other parts of the country”


How to join

Membership is open to any Wildlife Trust or Trust Consultancy on completion of an application form and payment of an annual membership fee.

If you are interested in joining our network, please contact

Gabrielle Graham (WTC Chair)