Case Study - Promoting Biodiversity at Center Parcs

Center Parc villages are built deep within forests which enable families to enjoy acres of unspoilt woodland where they can interact with nature. This close link with the natural environment means Center Parcs has always been committed to maintaining and enhancing wildlife and habitats whilst considering the characteristic biodiversity of the local area.

Over the past nine years, the Wildlife Trust Consultancies have developed strong relationships with the rangers at Center Parcs contributing to the wildlife and biodiversity that is key to the Center Parcs Sustainability Strategy and the continued success of the short break destinations.

Our experienced ecologists provide vital support in the long term monitoring of protected species and wildlife and with our local knowledge and expertise, we have helped Center Parcs promote biodiversity and maintain the natural environment for guests and visitors to enjoy.

Center Parcs is continually evolving with new activities and accommodation, which means the monitoring and protection of wildlife is vitally important. Our ecologists support the ranger teams in collecting and collating annual data through protected species survey and habitat survey and provide annual reports which assesses the health of species and habitats across the Centre Parc Villages. Our recommendations are used to inform habitat management on site for the following year and contribute to the abundance of wildlife that flourishes on all the village locations.

In addition to annual monitoring and survey work, we have also provided a number of training days for the rangers from bat handling and botanical identification skills through to breeding bird surveys and bat call analysis.

WTC support helps maintain and enhance the forest environment at the following village locations:

EMEC (Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust) – Sherwood Forest and Woburn Forest
EcoNorth (Northumberland Wildlife Trust) – Whinfell Forest
SWT Trading Ltd (Suffolk Wildlife Trust) – Elveden Forest
Chalkhill Environmental Consultants (Wiltshire Wildlife Trust) – Longleat Forest

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