Network for Nature

National Highways and The Wildlife Trusts have joined forces to launch a new £6 million Network for Nature programme that will improve habitats across England, benefitting people, nature and wildlife.

The Wildlife Trust Consultancies have been involved in the data collection and assessment at the feasibility stage and have significantly contributed to successfully securing funding for all 26 projects across England.

Future Nature WTC and Cornwall Environmental Consultants co-ordinated a network of biodiversity assessors from ten of our consultancy members from across England to undertake assessments across each project site working to a standard methodology.

“With the aspirations of a further programme of biodiversity assessments in summer 2022 we feel privileged to be working on this innovative approach, genuinely supporting Nature’s Recovery”

Vicki Mordue, Future Nature WTC

To read more about the projects, you can find an interactive map on The Wildlife Trust webpage https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/about-us/partners/network-nature